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The MSC Story.. short version

The MSC Story.. short version

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Oh gosh when people ask now how long I've been Open the times a blur

Lots of things between now & then I don't have a pic of..

Wamego store, Restaurant, lots of babies who grew up here with amazing people most of whom I still talk with and admire and appreciate! When you talk about a family owned businesses this is what that means! My customers my current & past employees - Love Em all like family.

Can I imagin a 9-5 no way! Do I wish it was easier heck YES!

But here I am all those years later and I need the reminder of where I've been to keep me moving toward that vision! I hope y'all have enjoyed the ride! If you're new here's the scoop..

❤️It all started In 2004 I had my second baby Chad Addy was 2.5. I was doing a paper route at 4AM and he many times woke up and hubby had to put him back to bed or do my route and then Brandon had to work at 7 am so didn't work well I was looking to have a stay at home side hustle to pay bills but stay home with my kids!

❤️So I googled how to do just that and found what they called the "Yahoo Forums" on eBay! Basically people would talk abijt amazing finds they found thrifting that they resold and made lots on. Well some people were making a ton on mens gold polo shirts so I went to the thrift store and bought sone, listed them on eBay and barely made anything lol.

❤️I kept trying and eventually made money thrifting dragging my babies along to the thrift stores and listed on eBay. Packed and shipped and just had totes in my house! I've never really worked without multitasking with littles I can't imagine how much I would have gotten done if I had help!

❤️I started posting to Facebook for sale local sites and people wanted to come look at what I had! Lots of people came in and dug through my totes full of goodies or jeans! It was so fun and so weird! But they loved it so I talked Brandon into converting my basement into a shoppable store and hung racks and bins for jeans. So many pekpoe shopped in my basement. They had to walk through my whole messy house and I loved the adult conversation and made lots of friends.

❤️Expecting baby #4 in 2013 We moved across town for a bigger house and converted the garage to a store with an actual outside entrance! Right away sales doubled and I knew I was on to something

❤️2014ish I knew if I could just get more clothes posted I could make more sales. I hired my first full time employee! We became great friends and our babies were great friends! We worked on a new addition to the store together and really grew. I got offered a storefront in downtown and I really didn't want to leave the house- it was going amazing! But I prayed and prayed and one day I just felt like God said there's no way this won't be amazing Do IT

❤️2016ish we moved downtown to a storefront. Gutted it and made it own. Lots of hard work and money later it was gorgeous! The locals were amazingly supportive and the place was always full. I really loved to see people in there shopping and seeing others they hadn't seen in a while. Lots of hugging in the isles. It was like walmart.

❤️Not long later we got offered a bigger store next door and we took it! Every time we got more space we just grew more and more! Hired lots more people and opened a new storefront in Wamego in

❤️2018 we opened Wamego. So much hope and times were good oh and I had baby #5!

❤️sometimes around 2019 things got really rocky! We just couldn't sell enough to pay the bills. We tried all the things. It was stressful for everyone. Sometimes in here we decided to buy a building and open a restaurant with hopes it would bring more people in to buy clothes. It didn't work at all like we hoped and we opened and closed the restaurant in a few years

❤️Covid happened we closed down Wamego which hadn't been doing well anyway and we were forced to close the doors and get rid of consignment and sell only new. This actually was an amazing year and we were finally turning a profit. We had cut way back to only a few employees and just selling live.

❤️2022 Open a storefront in MHK which has been amazing!

❤️July 2023 Move the Waterville store to Marysville! The support we have felt here is LeGIt to less than Amazing! The year we make a comeback.

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