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MSC Boutique

MSC has a huge selection of consignment!

MSC has a huge selection of consignment!

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"Kickstart your sustainable fashion journey!

Visit us today and explore our amazing collection of pre-loved clothing from MSC!  Not only will you be reducing waste and supporting eco-friendly fashion, but you'll also be scoring amazing deals on gently used clothing that's still in great condition.

Swing by our store and discover unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that will make you look and feel great. Let's work together to make fashion more sustainable, one outfit at a time!

This is photos from Manhattan location but we do have a small selection in Marysville as well. We will also buy your gently used clothing for credit or sometimes cash!  We especially need plus size transition right now! 

#PreLoved #SustainableFashion #SecondHandFirst #EcoFriendly #FashionForACause"


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